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Posture - do you want to improve your posture?

How does the vest WORK work? The vest has a double function. It helps to build up your posture and it helps you to breathe in a deeper, more effective way.
The shoulderstraps pulls the shoulders back, while you feel a balanced pressure from the shoulderboard between your shoulderblades. In combination with the flexible material that activates the whole thorax, the body also receives an optimal support. Everything in just a couple of minutes. Bad posture is a common cause for back and health problems. But by using the Vest you can regain your natural posture in a relatively short period of time.

The Vest helps you to develop your posture and have helped our costumers with:

  • Improving posture
  • Gives you a stronger back
  • Decrease and eliminate back problems
  • Eliminates numbness in arms and hands
  • Increases movement in hips etc

Breathing - Do you want to breathe more easily?

Where and how do you breathe?
Do you take shallow breaths in your upper body? Breathing is a movement in your body. You need to exercise this movement daily for best results. Already during your early years the breathing patterns in your body started shrinking. There are those who believe that if your breathing was optimal, you would never become ill. With the Vest you can practice your breathing muscles in your body so that you will regain your natural good and free breathing. The Vest expands movements for the diaphragm and opens the chest around your entire body so that you can breathe more freely.

Living example
Hello... I have just received your Vest... thank you, I have to say that I can notice a big difference in my breathing since I suffer from breathing difficulties. I could notice a difference already after 10 minutes and I could not believe my eyes, the difference was that big. I also noticed that my neck and back were already starting to feel better... I am wearing it now by the computer.
Thank you! Mayvor Hämqvist

Breathe right – live better!
Many breathe incorrectly.  Do you breath with your chest instead of with your stomach? You can then get problems that look like asthma and will lower your quality of life. To breathe is essential. We know this. But to breathe correct is not as well-known. How many people that breathe wrong we do not know, it has so far been a hidden problem. Many have instead received a diagnosis of asthma and medication for this, when they actually just need to learn how to breathe correct.

Dysfunctional breathing
Carina Hagman, a medical therapist at the lung and allergy division at Falu hospital in Sweden, meets numerous patients each week that suffer from dysfunctional breathing. Their problem is that they breathe high up with their chest instead of with the diaphragm muscle in the stomach. They have a breathing pattern that is incorrect and that for example makes it tough to breathe in, tough to take deep breaths and a feeling of not getting enough air. Together with scientists from Uppsala University in Sweden, Carina Hagman conducted a study on 50 people, 25 with dysfunctional breathing and 25 with asthma. The result was presented on a Nordic lung conference in Uppsala: The wrong breathing technique can be more difficult to live with than treated asthma. The patients suffered from less quality of life and had greater worries and a lesser ability to deal with stress then those with asthma, says Carina Hagman. However, if it is breathing wrong that leads to stress or worries – or if it is the opposite – is impossible to decide.

Back pain - do you have problems with your back?

Back pain is often the result of bad posture
If your back is not in line, nerves can become trapped and muscles might not be in the correct position. This can lead to back pain and tiredness in the back. With the Vest you can regain the correct lines in your spine, muscles that should be active become activated and are strengthened.

If you have a very bad posture it will naturally feel unusual and possibly a bit uncomfortable in the beginning. This will quickly turn to a positive feeling. When you use the Vest every day you will notice how your posture has improved already after a week. Resting muscles will quickly awaken and regain power. It takes healthy muscles to achieve a good posture.

Many can experience back pains for a long time without realizing that you need exercise to correct the problem. Back pain is an important signal that the body is not balanced, since the entire nervous system comes from the spine. When experiencing back pain your breathing is also reduced, because the amount of oxygen the body can take in is limited. When the oxygen intake is increased, the circulation becomes improved, which is usually the problem. You will then notice how the pain decreases.




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