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Breathing - Do you want to breathe more easily?

Where and how do you breathe?
Do you take shallow breaths in your upper body? Breathing is a movement in your body. You need to exercise this movement daily for best results. Already during your early years the breathing patterns in your body started shrinking. There are those who believe that if your breathing was optimal, you would never become ill. With the Vest you can train your breathing muscles in your body so that you will regain your natural good and free breathing. The Vest expands movements for the diaphragm and opens the chest around your entire body so that you can breathe more freely.

Living example
Hello... I have just received your Vest... thank you, I have to say that I can notice a big difference in my breathing since I suffer from breathing difficulties. I could notice a difference already after 10 minutes and I could not believe my eyes, the difference was that big. I also noticed that my neck and back were already starting to feel better... I am wearing it now by the computer.
Thank you! Mayvor Hämqvist

Breathe right – live better!
Many breathe incorrectly – test if you are one of them Are you breathing wrong? With your chest instead of with your stomach? You can then get problems that look like asthma and will lower your quality of life. To breathe is essential. We know this. But that it is also important to breathe correct is not as well-known. How many Swedes that breathe wrong we do not know – it has so far been a hidden problem. Many have instead received a diagnosis of asthma and medication for it – when they actually just need to learn how to breathe correct.

Using the wrong muscle
Carina Hagman, a medical therapist at the lung and allergy division at Falu hospital, meets numerous patients each week that suffer from dysfunctional breathing. Their problem is that they breathe high up with their chest instead of with the diaphragm muscle in the stomach. They have a breathing pattern that is incorrect and that for example makes it tough to breathe in, tough to take deep breaths and a feeling of not getting enough air. Together with scientists from Uppsala University, Carina Hagman conducted a study on 50 people, 25 with dysfunctional breathing and 25 with asthma. The result was presented on a Nordic lung conference in Uppsala: The wrong breathing technique can be more difficult to live with than treated asthma. The patients suffered from less quality of life and had greater worries and a lesser ability to deal with stress then those with asthma, says Carina Hagman. However, if it is breathing wrong that leads to stress or worries – or if it is the opposite – is impossible to decide.

Can be the solution
Carina Hagman is convinced that many would be helped by breathing correctly. – Absolutely, she says. The first and important step is to learn how to breathe correct and become aware of if you are breathing wrong. – We do not think about how we breathe and do not connect it with problems we may have. – When you have concluded that your problems are not relate to something else, the cause of your problems can be that you are breathing incorrectly.
Source: http://www.aftonbladet.se/kropphalsa/article487345.ab

Exercise your breathing – avoid medication. Easy exercises can help against asthma
Half an hour of exercise a day – and the quality life can become better for people suffering from asthma. The ones that tested the method almost stopped completely with their medication, a new study has shown. Scientists in Australia tested the exercise on their patients. One of the groups used a technique where they breathed slowly through the nose, the other did relaxation exercises. The test persons conducted exercises two times a say during 30 days.The technique is inspired by a method for breathing control called Buteyko. When the test was initiated the patients used their inhalators three times a day.

Suports previous studies
30 weeks after, the medication had been limited to one inhalation every third day, writes the scientists in the magazine Thorax. The British Asthma organisation is welcoming the study and says that the results are supporting previous studies that breathing exercises can help against asthma.

This is how you can practice your breathing with the Vest
You now have the possibility to gain a very effective tool to practice your breathing. This is how you do it: Put the Vest on according to the description. You take a deep breath and hold it for 3-5 seconds. Feel how your body is expanding against the Vest. Observe that the shoulders should not be heightened.
Make sure that the body expands against the Vest. You continue by taking 3-5 short breaths, followed by holding your breath for 3-5 seconds again. Only after this should you slowly exhale. When you do this exercise you will train your body from within and keep your muscles opened. Repeat this exercise 7-8 times. After you have completed this for 2-3 minutes, you are going to experience that your breathing is a lot freer, deeper and more open. There are no vitamins that can compete against effective breathing. If the exercise feels to hard, shorten the seconds you hold your breath for. You can develop the exercise later on and keep your breath for longer.



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