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Different areas of usage

The Vest has many different areas of usage that you can read about below.
A job where back problems often exists. With the vest you will increase your posture and especially the support for your shoulders. As a hairdresser you naturally want your back and shoulders to last for many years. You can choose to work with the vest during short periods of time or use it between cuts and treatments.
Most people know how essential breathing is during running. With the Vest the body will become activated and your posture will improve. This will lead to more elasticity in your upper body and a freer movement in the diaphragm. The back plate is an important part of the Vest's function for the runner, because it will be easier to "find" your spine in a good way and thereby achieve the right elasticity.

Horseback riders are also dependent on a good posture. During dressage a correct posture is essential. The Vest will help you achieve a better posture as well as increase your communication with your horse. The Vest can be used both prior to riding and during.
Office worker
To spend long hours sitting down almost always results in a bad posture and feelings of tiredness in the back. The Vest is here an amazing tool to ensure that you sit in a correct posture. You will gain a strong and effective sitting position, which will give you more energy so that you will gain a better and deeper breathing. The Vest will also activate the diaphragm so that your muscles expand in this area.
Possibly on of the most difficult elements for a singer is to find and understand the correct support in your body. There are many misconceptions of what the support is and how it works. With the Vest you will get a shortcut to find, develop and build the support you need for your voice. The Vest is used while training your voice, during warm ups, studio recordings etc. Most singers notice a different already after a couple of minutes during the first time they use it. The great results comes from the elasticity and posture that the Vest gives the singer, as well as the free movement that the diaphragm receives.



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