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About the company - Good breathing is the basis for everything

K99 of Sweden

The Vest was produced in the beginning of 2007, when Ingvar Bengtsson and Robert Spjuth united their skills in the company K99 of Sweden AB. Posture and breathing is a big topic, as health and performance gets a lot of focus at the moment.

After many versions of a training tool that could be used for enhanced development, a healthier posture and improved breathing, the registered patent Hälsovesten (the Vest) was launched.

Nowadays many know about the Vest and its effects.
Many different groups have been tested: Runners, Singers, Horseback riders, Office workers, Hairdressers, Drivers etc
There is almost always a reason to use the Vest, regardless which occupation or activity.

The vision of the company is to make the Vest a product for everyone, because of its widespread positive effect on health through good posture and breathing.

Active Healthvest: Work
Model Work.
A smooth, discreet and versatile vest.
At work or at home. A blockbuster!


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