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Is it as good as the ad says?

-Of course! The Healthvest is a really good help to build a better posture and to aid your breathing. The healthvest pushes your shoulders back and stretches the breast muscles at the same time the back plate gives you a balanced pressure between the shoulder blades. This activates your posture, corrects it and allow deep breathing to occur.

Does it come in different sizes?

-The healthvest come in five different sizes. Depending on your body length and your measurements across the diaphragm. Look to the size chart!

Can you buy it at a retailer?

-The healthvest is sadly not sold at retailer but is sold solely by mail-order. The order is made by phone or in our webshop.

How much should you use it?

-It varies depending on how your posture is currently, but we recommend 15-30 min, 2-3 times a day. You have to feel for yourself how long you should wear it, it is not dangerous to wear it longer than recommended. Level 2 & 3 can be used during longer periods of time, as they are not as stable. It is normal to get delayed onset muscle soreness in the beginning.

Can you wear it under your clothes?

-Level 2 & 3 are fitted to be worn under your clothes. Level 1 can also be worn under your clothes, but many prefer to wear it over your clothes as it is used for short durations.

What kind of material is it?

-The healthvest is made out of polyethylene and polyester.

How long will it take until I notice an improvement in my posture?

-If you use the vest following the instructions you will notice a considerate difference already after five days. Of course it will take longer to achieve a more permanent result. You can count on that it will take about 4-6 weeks to build a strong and nice posture. Should your posture be very bad you might have to give it more time. Since your posture is ‘perishable’ we recommend that you use the vest in your training repeatedly. If you have achieved a good posture you can stop using it for awhile and then use it again when you feel your posture is growing worse.

How long does the delivery take?

-Within Sweden –Usually it takes about 4 days, from the time you placed your order before you get it in you mailbox.

-Overseas –The ordered received before 13.00 pm is sent the same day. It can take between 7-14 days for the delivery to arrive.

Is it sent directly to my address, or must I collect it?

-The vest is sent as a bulky letter. If you have a mailbox it will be sent directly to your address. If the mailman can’t deliver directly to your address you will get a notice to collect it at your nearest post office without a charge.

Can it be sent as COD (Cash on delivery)?

-Unfortunately the healthvest cannot be sent as COD, but is either sent with an invoice or delivery order.

Is warranty and purchase on approval included when buying the vest?

-You always have 14 days of purchase on approval when buying your healtvest. Should your vest be damaged upon delivery, manufacturing-defective or break we will send a new one ASAP, free of charge.

Which age group is the vest most suited for?

-The healthvest has a wide target group, both young and old alike can use the healthvest.

Are there any additional costs?

-A feee for delivery is always added. Depending on how you choose to pay, if choose to pay by invoice, an additional fee of 29 krona will be added. If you choose to pay for the healthvest directly at the time you place your order only a fee for delivery will be added.

Can I wear it when I am out walking, and sitting by the computer?

-The healthvest is terrific to wear both when you are active as well as when you are sitting still.

What does physiotherapists say?

-The vest is adapted together with doctors and physiotherapists, and we have many physiotherapists that recommend the vest to their patients.

How long have you been selling the vest?

-We have been developing and selling the vest since 2007.

How did the idea for the vest occur?

-The product is developed by Ingvar Bengtsson (Body therapist) & Robert Spjuth (Development Engineer), both wanted to create a product to improve posture and breathing. Throughout the years the healtvest has been tested on many different groups to very positive results. The group involved among many others office personnel, healthcare personnel, hairstylists, runners, horseback riders, singers and so on. Concerning the healthvest we have also been very adamant to get the opinions of massage therapists and chiropractors. This has led to good cooperation and a strong product that does what it promise.

Where is it made?

-The healthvest has its manufactory premises in the south of Sweden, in Kristianstad. There we even have a small studio where you can try out the healthvest. Opening hours are Monday-Friday 8-16.

I have special problems with my back (For example scholios, vertebral compression and so on), does the vest still work?

-We can never guarantee that the vest can help one problem in particular, but we have many customers with scholios that have found the vest helpful. The most important is what you yourself feel is helpful, alternatively if you feel unsure ask your doctor/physiotherapist. You have 14 days to try out the vest at home, you then have time to consider if it is suitable for you.

Does the vest function well used in office work?

-Since you often have a tendency to slump down after a time sitting by the office desk the healthvest will really be helpful. Here the vest will both help you build muscles at the same time you get good support for your back, if you so wish. Many people become tried and get pains in the thoracic spine from office work. With the healtvest it usually takes only a couple of minutes before the aches subside. Many companies have profited greatly by using the vest as the sick-days for back problems diminishes considerably.

Is it not better to train your posture at the gym?

-To train posture muscles at the gym is great. However the healthvest helps you to stay in a good posture and to keep it for a longer period of time. Since posture is more a ‘habit’ than anything, the vest helps you time after time to keep the correct posture and programs your muscle memory. That is why we recommend that you use the vest for shorter moments throughout the day. Additionally it is very comfortable to wear. If you want to make your training at the gym more effective you can wear the vest during your training.

Can I use the vest while driving my car?

-When driving the vest is better used to relieve your posture. This relieving position makes you sit straight and rights your spine, which leads to a more comfortable position that can be held for a longer period of time. So for a long drive wearing the vest is ideal. By ‘relieving position’ we mean that in this case the shoulder straps should not be too tightly strained to allow movement for the arms, you then get support for the thoracic spine and the thoracic diaphragm, a posture that would otherwise easily sink and collapse in the car.



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