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Back pain - do you have problems with your back?

Back pain is often the result of bad posture
If your back is not in line, nerves can become trapped and muscles might not be in the correct position. This can lead to back pain and tiredness in the back. With the Vest you can regain the correct lines in your spine, muscles that should be active become activated and are strengthened.

If you have a very bad posture it will naturally feel unusual and possibly a bit uncomfortable in the beginning. This will quickly turn to a positive feeling. When you use the Vest every day you will notice how your posture has improved already after a week. Resting muscles will quickly awaken and regain power - it takes healthy muscles to achieve a good posture.

Many can experience back pains for a long time without realising that you need exercise to correct the problem. Back pain is an important signal that the body is not balanced, since the entire nervous system comes from the spine. When experiencing back pain your breathing is also reduced, because the amount of oxygen that the body can take in is limited. When the oxygen intake is increased, the circulation becomes improved, which is usually the problem. You will then notice how the pain decreases.

The Vest will also let you feel your body from the inside and on a deeper level. When you use the Vest you will feel how your spine and your muscles will work together and you will also experience that it will become easier to achieve desired adjustments.

Hi! I would like to tell you that I already feel a great improvement in my back since I started using the Vest. I have used it every day and I take long walks every day without being in pain anymore, it is fantastic. I have a very bad posture and slipped discs in my neck and back. The Vest gives a great support so that I can keep my back up, it also makes me think about keeping my back straight when I am not wearing it. It has also reduced the pain I experience when sleeping.
Thank you for inventing it :)

Best regards, Lena Svensson, Hyssna



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