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Everyone loves the K99 – the new patent registered breathing and posture vest

What does the users say?

I have a whiplash injury in my neck for 10 years and had herniated discs in my neck three years ago. The inconvenience has been extremely disabling during periods. Nothing has helped enough, despite being treated by some of the very best in Sweden. I started using The Active Healthvest at work half-day four days a week and after about three months I became almost hassle free. It sounds like a miracle, but I find it hard to believe that it would be due to nothing but The Healthvest. Even today I feel well! I still have to use it and if I "miss using it" I feel my neck just after a week. In addition, the posture becomes so much better. I work as a doctor myself and can of course not say anything statistically, but for me it was worth every penny and more.
Doctor Ninni Arfwidsson 2017

The vest fits well and feels comfortable during running. It defiantly helps you to keep the right posture. Otherwise it is easy when you start feeling tired that your shoulders will fall down and you unconsciously bend forward. This can limit the breathing muscles movements and give a decreased breathing dept. With the right posture it feels easier to breath and thereby I can keep a higher speed. In conclusion, the K99 is teaching me the right posture and the right breathing pattern which is good for my running result.
Ola Norrhamn, Doctor CSK Kristianstad

Hi! I would like to tell you that I already feel a great improvement in my back since I started using the Vest. I have used it every day and I take long walks every day without being in pain anymore, it is fantastic. I have a very bad posture and slipped discs in my neck and back. The Vest gives a great support so that I can keep my back up, it also makes me think about keeping my back straight when I am not wearing it. It has also reduced the pain I experience when sleeping.
Thank you for inventing it :)

Best regards, Lena Svensson, Hyssna

Hello... I have just received your Vest... thank you, I have to say that I can notice a big difference in my breathing since I suffer from breathing difficulties. I could notice a difference already after 10 minutes and I could not believe my eyes, the difference was that big. I also noticed that my neck and back were already starting to feel better... I am wearing it now by the computer.
Thank you! Mayvor Hämqvist

The first impression when you put on the K99 is that you stand on Högvakten in Stockholm. You increase your posture and feel strong. The K99 helps me to hold up my throat which previously caused me problems. It feels like my body is starting to find its natural posture after having started using K99.
Håkan Jansson, Eftermarknad, PPM AB

I drive a truck for work and I feel that it wears on my back to sit still all day. I use the K99 to as support when I drive, and as I have it in the lowest position it supports my lower back. After work I use it to in the top position to get my posture back.
Tommy Bärkås, truck driver, Eliassons Åkeri

From the beginning I used the K99 as a tool to make my singing technique better, it gave fantastic results, but that is not all. I can also recommend the K99 to everyone that sits still a lot during work. When you sit a lot and can feel the tiredness coming, it helps the breathing, the posture and you can feel the energy coming back. During exercise, for example weight training, running and walking, I have also noticed a great difference with the K99. I feel more energetic and get a whole new motivation as well!
Sophie Sjörén –winner of Schlagerstjärnan 2005

I have worked as a production technician and I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. I have noticed that my posture has gradually become worse by time. After I started using my K99 I gradually started to regain my posture again, and I am now 5 cm taller…
Sven-Erik Hjelt, production technician , Nibe AB

It works wonders on everyone that have used it in the saloon
Hårfixarna in Jönköping

After having used the K99 daily for a period of time I can feel that my back has become strong and my posture has become better, I have even received compliments for it. I have also had trouble with my hips and now when I use my K99 daily, I can feel that my hips are feeling much better. Amazing! The K99 seems to balance the rest of the body as well.
Ann-Christin Krook/Sigfridsson

I have used the vest a lot when I have been horseback riding, I showed it for my trainer and he thought it was a great invention!! I noticed that I got stronger back muscles and that I don’t bend forward as easily, I have received a stronger back so that can sit up straight. When it comes to the song, I have been singing a lot (I sing every day the entire time at home) haha…
Emelie Nilsson

You get a completely different posture when you use the vest, the back gets support when you wear it. I experience a nice feeling when I have used the vest
Annas klipphörna Tingsryd

It is easy for my back to sink down and then it puts pressure on my neck, shoulders and back. When I used the vest I quickly receive a better posture. The shoulders and the neck then get into alignment. With the vest my body feels good again.
Gert Persson

I work as a hairdresser and nail technician and spend many hours of the day standing or sitting. After a couple of hours my posture has a tendency to sink back. Then I usually put on my K99 and it helps my posture, which is the key to everything. It strengthens the back and makes me breathe better. This leads to me being more alert and happier because I can breathe deeper, which also leads to a better relations to my customers. I strongly recommend the K99 to everyone with straining postures during the day
Mia Månsson



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